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Top 6 Social Media Listening Tools To Monitor Your Brand

What is Social Media Listening or Monitoring?

Social media listening is identifying what is being mentioned about a product, service, brand or an organization on the internet. This is also called as Social media monitoring or SMM in short.

In other words, social media listening is done to monitor the social media itself. In this blog, we shall talk about Top 6 social media listening tools every business should be using.

The need for Social Media Listening

Social media is getting noisier!

It’s a monster which can make or kill your brand. You need to listen to all brand conversations online and monitor it appropriately to continue and engage more with conversations which will create a positive image for your brand while, on the other hand, managing negative conversations about your brand with appropriate steps, is also an important step towards Online Reputation Management (ORM) for your brand.

Listing down top 6 social media listening tools for your business as below:

Google Alerts 

Decide topic, trend or your brand name and assign an alert with your Gmail ID. You are notified every time the keywords you decided are mentioned over the internet. The frequency of the alerts is also controlled by you. Effective, simple and this costs nothing at all for social media monitoring for your brand name.

google alerts




This is probably the most widely known and simplest tool of all. It offers simple social listening with weekly report dashboard with engagement and publishing features. The individual basic level package used to be free, If you have a personal blog or a small website, the Professional plan should suffice. More details in the screenshot below.


Hootsuite pricing

Social Mention – The Real-time search

Social Mention is a social media search and analysis tool that collects user-generated content on the internet such as blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, and videos etc. into a single stream of information.

This tool also provides sentiment analysis and classifies the overall sentiments into neutral, positive and negatives about your brand conversations online. It also provides top keywords associated with your brand mention over the internet.


social mention screenshot
social mention


IceRocket has been there for more than a decade now. Now, acquired by Melt Water. Traditionally, it has been used for blog searches and slowly expanded into searching social networking sites as well such as Twitter and Facebook. Big Buzz feature from Icerocket also allows users to search Blogs, Tweets, news, images etc. all from one page.

Ice Rocket social media
Ice Rocket




As the name indicates, tweetreach is more about Twitter, This is helpful in case you want to check how far Your tweets reached. It’s a good way to find out your influential followers and decide best people to target for further twitter engagements.

Tweet Reach screenshot




Brandwatch is a software as a service which archives social media data in order to provide companies with information and the means to track specific segments to analyze their brands’ online presence. This tool also enables gathering customer feedback and uncover trends impacting your brand, products, and marketplace.

Brand watch screenshot
Brand watch




It stands for Hashtag tracking analytics in real-time. And it stands by its brand promise. Whilst, there are many tools which provide analytics for tweets, but this one stands best which addresses a marketer’s need of knowing the real-time behaviour of your hashtags when you need them the most. I strongly recommend this for Hashtag analytics.

Keyhole screenshot
Keyhole screenshot


The bottom line

The Social media listening tools are plenty and growing every day. This list can be added with few more social media monitoring tools such as sociabble, addictomatic, HowSociable etc. However, I have tried covering the top 6 and most popular ones. The tool list here is essentially a mix of free and paid ones. You might want to evaluate the best choice of the social media listening tool by working with trial versions for a while. These tools will save your precious time and provide a comprehensive view of your social channels in a single dashboard. Social media monitoring is very important for your brand. With the advent of social media and growing user base every year, the need to have an effective social media listening tool is increasing and it is the right time you pick one.




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Neeraj is a Marketing Professional with over 8+ years of experience in B2B Sales & Marketing. His experience ranges from selling an IT product in field sales to marketing them over digital channels.

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    1. Thanks for highlighting Brand24 to me Jakub,

      Frankly, i have not used this so far, Have gone through this product now, seems a good tool for social media listening & monitoring.I Liked the mix of mention analytics, Influence score & Sentiment analytics.

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