How To Make Money Blogging in Canada

Is it possible to make money with a blog in Canada today? Yes, it is! And you can make a lot.

Is it easy? No, It takes time, efforts, credibility and continuous innovation in the way you blog.

How much money can you earn with a Blog in Canada?

It’s the first question that many people ask – the answer is, it depends. Now, before we start, please be mindful that blogging is not all about money.

“Blogging is an art and science to solve problems and money is the byproduct of it.”

I know blogs about personal development that make around 1,000 Canadian Dollars a month, but there are blogs about trips or online businesses that invoice more than 30,000+ Canadian Dollars a month selling video courses or recommending third-party products while using affiliate marketing for instance.

After all, a blog is just a platform where someone shares content and establishes a relationship with their readers. From there on, there are countless ways to monetize it.

The economic potential of a blog is usually determined by two aspects:
• The theme or blog niche
• Your dedication

In this article I want to tell you everything about how to make money with a blog in Canada. This topic will be unambiguously interesting to everyone who wants to get financial independence and work from anywhere in the world, travel and enjoy life. More and more people are switching to a remote working format, preferring to work over the Internet. This option is convenient for most as you don’t need to come to the office every day and be dependent on a schedule. Moreover, remote work can bring a solid passive income in Canada- for which blogging is one of the many ways to get started.

How to make money with a blog in Canada?

What is a blog?

Before embarking on a detailed guide on how to make money from a blog, let’s look at what is hidden behind this short, capacious and recently popular word.

A blog basically, is an informational or discussion website published on the internet. Through blog posts, you share your thoughts and experiences. . A blog can help you reach out to a specific group of audience and provide them value or information that can potentially benefit the readers.

Rules for creating a successful Canadian blog: what and how to do

Before you read about how to make money from a blog on the Internet, learn how to create it. Don’t be afraid – there is nothing complicated about it. Even if something doesn’t work out for you, this article will answer all questions and help you create a successful blog in Canada.

Now, briefly, how to create your own blog:
• Choose a topic in which you will work
• Come up with a domain name for the blog – it should be capacious, display its subject
• Register a name (it is important that it is available, otherwise you will have to choose a new one)
• Choose the hosting provider on which your website will be hosted
• Choose the platform on which you will create a blog – I recommend WordPress

That’s it! As you see, there is nothing difficult in the creation process – these are the five simple steps that you take to get your blog online in Canada.

Before we dive in further, here is my detailed article on Step by step guide to start a blog you may want check out.

In my limited experience, after creating several websites and talking to many bloggers, with a good theme and dedication, after a year, you could be generating between 300 and 2,000 Canadian Dollars a month. But I insist: it depends. Here is a great “website value calculator” and tool you could use to see the earning potential of a blog or website in general. It may not be very accurate but it gives a good sense of the money by applying basic assumptions like traffic, AdSense deployed and so on.

Its common sensical but important to emphasize here, don’t think that after writing the first article you will immediately receive a lot of money! No, this will not happen!

You need to work hard and work consistently to make your website and blog popular. What do you need for this? Here are a few factors that can make your blog popular:

Write articles that are useful to visitors – they should contain interesting and relevant information. That’s one way your content will provide value to your visitors.

Post links to other resources. The more relevant links you have to your blog on other resources, the better it is for its promotion. You can drive traffic from other sites on your site as well.

Connect with the audience. Don’t just write articles, but try to communicate with your visitors– answer their questions and comments. This will positively affect readers’ loyalty to your blog.

Create Share Worthy Content. A piece of content, be it blog, whitepaper or any other marketing collateral, with value is share-worthy content. Make sure what you write is consice, actionalble and provides valuable information in as simple English as possible.

Note! Be sure to drop links to your articles on social networks. These can be themes, groups or communities that you created specifically for the blog. The more links posted, the better it is for your blog promotion.

What are the hot blog topics in Canada?

We are gradually moving towards the main topic of the article – how to make money on a blog. Earnings will largely depend on your chosen topic.

💡  Write articles with a soul and invest in them sincerely with lively emotions. You’ll find a response in the hearts of your readers. If there is a response, your articles and content will definitely get shared on social networks. This will lead to an avalanche effect – the number of visitors will just boom.

The following topics have been consistently popular among Canadians:
Business and finance
Tourism and travel
Fashion and LifeStyle

However, the competition in these areas is humungous. Therefore, think carefully about whether you are ready to compete with reputable sites and what value you will bring to the similar readers.

However, the competition in these areas is humungous. Therefore, think carefully about whether you are ready to compete with reputable sites and what value you will bring to the similar readers.

💡 A good option for choosing a topic for your blog is a personal hobby or your passion. You must be a pro at it and should be able to share your personal experiences with readers. Personal experiences are always interesting! 

For instance, I blog about marketing, my passion and more importantly digital marketing because that’s all I did in last 9 years of my career. There is nothing else that I know of, and that’s all I do every day 😊

So, making a choice is not so simple – don’t rush into making a decision. Make a list of topics you want to work with and think about them for a few days. Brainstorm to understand the topics you are most comfortable working with.

“There will be erases and deletions for initial few months but you will notice that it just gets better and better. Starting is important, then quality, then consistency and then value creation for the readers benefit” its more about enjoying the journey than being worried about final outcomes”

Best ways to make money with a blog in Canada

It’s all about your readers actually. Basis your blogging theme and the profile of your readers, monetizing your website is quite an easy task.. I have seen blogs with 2,000 visits a day generating 3,000 Canadian Dollars per month with own products and affiliations, and others with 10,000 visits that could not even cash out 500 CAD a month.

Here are some of the best ways to potentially make a good income through blogging in Canada.

#1 Affiliate Programs

One of the most promising options for making money on a Canadian blog is to attract income through affiliate programs. Affiliate programs enable you to sell or influence other people’s goods and services through referral links. After the user navigates to the seller’s website using your referral link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission. It is as simple as a simple sales commission out there. There are great affiliate marketing network sites like ShareASale or Commission Junction where you can find great products to promote on your website or blog for a niche and relevant audience like yours. For example, I recommend HubSpot as best inbound marketing software and if you click the link below and complete a purchase I may earn a small commission. This is a real-life example of affiliate marketing for you.

How do they work?

Very simple! For example, you write an article in which you talk about how to photograph people on the street. In the text of the article, put an active link to the services of a photographer or to the website of a store selling photo equipment. You can also talk about a course for beginner photographers. Users who click on the link and complete the purchase will bring you money as commission. It works through cookies installed on the end users’ computers duration of which varies between different affiliate programs or affiliate marketing networks as such.

Top affiliate Network Programs

Some of the top affiliate network programs with the highest pay rate on commissions in Canada are:

#2 Sell online products/services

I think it’s always a good idea to put your eggs into different baskets – instead of relying on one income stream, you should diversify your income streams to maximize the ROI on the valuable content you’re producing. An effective method to make money with a Canadian blog involves the direct sale of goods or services to your audience. For example, you can provide services like:

• Web Development
• Graphics Design
• Advise on legal issues, etc.

In this case, use the blog as a platform for advertising your talents and attracting new customers. I noticed a real estate sales company creating an app of his own to advise on your mortgage eligibility and probable ways to get a mortgage for home buyers. It is a great example of being creative, adding value but still doing sales. There are a lot of realtors out there doing the exact same activity on phone calls you know!

#3 Earn from Advertising

Now let’s talk about advertising – there are several types of it. Although affiliate programs can bring more, why not get extra passive advertising revenue if you can?

Advertising income is the money that ad platforms like Google AdSense pay you for showing their ads on your webpages. You get paid every time a visitor gets attracted to and clicks the ad. You can also monetize your earnings on the basis of the number of impressions, i.e. you get paid for every 1000 impressions. There are Payments thresholds for each currency though. You may want to refer “Payments” Page as here.

Contextual advertising is most commonly used in which the user sees ads on sites. Earnings from it comes from user clicks. If the reader of your blog clicked on an advertisement, you will be credited a certain amount.

To make money via advertising, you need to connect your site to the advertising network. I use Google AdSense (Google Advertising Network), as it is the best network for Canadians to earn through advertisement. Their pay rates for Canadian visitors is quite lucrative and you will earn money by publishing their ads on your webpages.

Advertising links is another option for Canadian bloggers. You can make money on advertising on your own blog by placing advertising lines and link blocks. This is a small line with an active link. There is a special service through which you can attract advertisers who choose this type of promotion of their product or service.

#4 Endorsements

Here’s another great way to make money on blogs on the Internet. Product endorsement method allows you to get the greatest income. The essence of branding is that a large picture or animation is placed on the background of the blog. It occupies a large area and visitors will definitely notice it. It is important to provide necessary disclaimers to let your followers know its sponsored. Here is a list of celebrity endorsements for products.

This is a long journey and useful only when you are an established blogger or public personality with good follower base.

#5 Sponsored Articles

Let’s dive deeper – I am going to tell you about how to make money on a blog by publishing promotional articles. This is another common form of bringing in some extra profit from your website. For example, these may be detailed reviews of:

• Projects
• Services
• Gadgets etc.

In this case, I recommend working on a prepaid basis. Let the money be transferred to you first, and only then write the article. Once again, this requires an established follower base and regular blogging.

#6 Sponsored Post

The essence of this method, how to make money on a blog, involves selling a place in already written articles. For example, this is one or two paragraphs devoted to:


• Product
• Service
• Company

There’s one thing I’ll emphasize here – your copywriting and advertising text should naturally and harmoniously fit into your content while offering value to the readers. Don’t make it sound like you’re trying to sell them your products without a logical explanation to why they should buy it.

#7 Push notifications

This is another good way to make money on a Canadian blog. Many blog owners collect a subscriber base. A push notification asks your visitor for permission to show notifications once they visit your blog. If they click yes, they will receive direct notifications for your new entries, updates and posts. This will help you build a stronger and long-lasting relationship with your visitors. It is more about bringing in improved traffic and thus your chances of generating income are higher. I do have a list of push notifications options as here.

#8 Earnings on Video

The next method involves using videos. I’ve seen people combining this method with others – YouTube videos are embedded in the text of the article and ads are shown in them. YouTube will pay you for displaying ads on your videos. You will however need to have at least 1000 subscribers and more than 4000 hours in last 12 months and a YouTube Channel, of course!

#9 Selling a Website

I would like to propose this option because many people are doing it. When your blog gains popularity and starts receiving a lot of visitors, you can just sell it out for really good money. If you devote the site two hours a day for two years, then it is quite realistic to sell it out and cash in exchange for a good sum of money. You can use a platform like Flippa to buy and sell such online businesses.

#10 Training and Informational products

Using your website as a shuttle platform for information products such as online courses or programs is one of the best decisions that you can make if you want to earn passive money online.

An informational product is an impressive source of income and the training is almost entirely oriented to be online. You can use online training tools like Thinkific or Teachable to create and sell courses online.

#11 Selling E-books

E-Books are another great way of generating very attractive income through your blog. You can write about almost anything if you’re good at it. Nathan Berry CEO of ConvertKit made whopping $93,890 by just selling one book online. Content was killer though!
Try using a great tool like Canva for making nice looking ebooks.

#12 Podcast

Another profitable alternative for bloggers is to create a series of podcast content and offer it through a paid service or a small fee. This content can be useful for people who cannot spend too much time reading and prefer to listen to the content instead.

#13 Make a Software

This comes later when you have a well-established blog with domain authority. Nathan Barry again, for instance, started as a blogger, published an ebook and now he runs a software for email marketing to the very same/similar audience he earned right from his blogging days. So, though it might sound difficult, why not create a SAAS based software?


Getting free money or looking for ways to earn money quickly and easily is the first thing that comes to mind when someone goes online, but making a living with a blog is very complicated.

It surely requires dedication and time to build your blog gradually like you’d do to any business.

The true meaning of the blog is to offer valuable content – if you work your strategy well, you can really get benefits from countless monetizable options What do you think, let me know in the comments section below and please do not forget to share this post.



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