Is it worth buying a Blackberry Passport in 2018

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Last updated May 24, 2020

I have been coming across this question quite often, therefore, I thought of covering this in my third blog in the Blackberry Passport series.

Blackberry Passport is at least 4 years old now and it still survives. The end users and a lot of Blackberry fans appreciate its design, top notch security and reliability with BB10 OS having been brought to the table. Let’s explore why It is worth looking at Blackberry Passport as your daily driver in 2018.

11 Reasons Why it is worth buying a Blackberry Passport in 2018

1) Security

Until last year’s rebranding exercise has been well known for its security and enterprise level encryption. The security is built into every layer of Blackberry Passport including its hardware and software. BlackBerry has over 50 security certifications and approvals, more than any other mobile vendor, including the only “Full Operational Capability” approval to run on U.S. Department of Defense networks.

  • Blackberry Verifies the authenticity of BB10 OS and software every time a BlackBerry 10 device in the world boots up.
  • All the applications are placed in their own sandboxes to protect against malware and data leakage. All the apps are even scanned for malware and privacy before they get added to Blackberry World.
  • Even if you use patching/ or patch Android apps that are supported on BB10 OS, they are only installed after they are scanned for malware and are safe to use.

In fact, a Canadian man was sentenced to 9 years for selling encrypted BlackBerry smartphones to criminals 🙂

Know more about each security feature provided by Blackberry Passport/BB10 OS as below:

Security Overview of Blackberry 10

2) Reliability

The hardware is unique, beautiful, and very sturdy. Software is privacy controlled, malware free and encrypted.

3) Best in class Audio Conferencing

This is something I have tested in person and observed across many other Android devices. If you are on a conference or usual voice call, try using the speakers for audio, the person on the other side will feel that you are sitting in the conference room with them due to that crystal clear in sound quality. Passport boosts or reduce the volume of the call based on the environment you are in.

BB Passport sound with natural sound technology

4) Design

This is an out of the box incredibly cool and bold design. No other phone has a square screen ratio. Black or white with silver edges look stunning. It comes in multiple colors to match your style like black, white, red, silver and even gold.

gold color blackberry passport

Image Source: image by

5) Physical Keyboard

Very ergonomic and beautifully crafted physical keyboard with flick typing and the use of keyboard as a track pad is productive. The experience it offers cannot be compared with a touch screen keyboard. It is still a bigger keyboard and more user friendly than the new blackberry mobiles out there with Android. Above all, slide up to close an app has beeen in blackberry passport since 2014, I Phone X has offered this feature only recently.

6) Productivity

It’s like carrying a mini laptop in your hands, you won’t need to go back to your laptop/desktop most of the time unlike what we must do while working with smaller Android/ I OS phones. Excel, word, and PowerPoint and making a presentation is very convenient on this device.

7) Inventory and resell value

Its easily available at very cost-effective prices, this being 4 years old, across the globe. Canada and the US on Amazon, Dubai on SOUQ, eBay and so on. Resellers or merchants are still making money off of Blackberry Passport sales.  This also indicates the underlying demand and love for Blackberry Phones.

Above all, if you buy a Blackberry Passport and are not satisfied with performance, you can easily sell it back at great resell value. I managed to buy one at $100 and sell it to an online recycling company at $100 itself for instance.

8) eBooks

If you love reading eBooks, this phone works best, you won’t need a kindle device and yes, the software and every apk file from the Amazon app-store works just fine.

9) Blackberry Hub

This is a blockbuster product, the ability to have all communication and app related notifications in one place be it email, tweets or Facebook messages is phenomenal. You can even respond from the Hub directly without having to go the app and open it to type a response. The patched apps from play store don’t work in BB10 OS and its Blackberry Hub though!

10) Emails

They are best viewed with more space and less scrolling down and they have an exceptionally beautiful sync with Blackberry Calendar.

11) Browser

The privacy control is exceptional as the moment a website that tracks your location is opened in your web browser, a pop-up alerts you immediately. This browser is also unique as the address bar is placed at bottom of the browser.

Conclusion and Thoughts

We used to have Windows mobile, BB OS, Symbian, Android and I OS together in the market. Unfortunately, today mobile users are limited to 2 choices, Android or I OS. Blackberry Passport is the last bet to provide a different experience to the end users backed by a decade of experience that Blackberry had in mobile markets. It’s the last true blackberry phone in which hardware and software were both in the hands of RIM or Blackberry as a company.

There are mixed views for Blackberry Passport being a daily driver in 2018. If you love new apps and social media Android or I OS would be more future proof. If you love productivity and security with real privacy control, Blackberry Passport is for you and it is still worth buying in 2018 due to the value of the hardware and software brings to the table. I doubt if Blackberry is making any profits by selling them at such a lower price now. Blackberry Passport and BB10 OS will receive updates until the end of 2019 only. After this, the device may stop functioning, although, I assume that the date may be a bit postponed. Having said that, this is a good time for buyers who couldn’t experience this device when it was launched at a premium price. If you don’t like it, resell value is good as well. Therefore, It is still worth a try.

Explore Blackberry Passport

If you wish to know every possibility a Blackberry Passport brings to the table, its worth looking at Blackberry Passport Launch details in the video below:

I also covered all the steps to install 3rd party and android apps with patching details in my earlier blog. read more about

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the second blog in the same series was about all the apps that work best from Blackberry World in 2018, read more about it in my blog:

Blackberry Passport review 2018-Updates and Apps

Check out a short video summary of all reasons as below.

What do you think about BB Passport and its usability? Please post your replies in the comments section below.


Note: Sad but true, Blackberry smartphones are dead.

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  1. Val Bishop

    I adore my BlackBerry Passport……will it not work after Jan 2019? As a disabled person it is easier for me to use a keyboard than virtual one. Val

    • neeraj

      Hi Val,

      Thanks for your response. Yes, I can understand, physical keyboard has no alternative in such case. Only the app store which is known as BB10 OS should end by December 2019, hardware or physical device should just work fine even after that (not sure of how long though, but it wont be immediately after Dec 2019 for sure). So nothing to worry, You may also consider moving to an android device with physical keyboard later which is none other than Blackberry KeyOne, KeyTwo, Key LE and probably more such blackberry models by 2020.



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