A domain is equivalent to your brand name

We spend a lot of time before launching a website, often do research for our names vs others, we prefer to be easily remembered, and at the same time, avoid any direct competition for better organic search results. The domain name you decide, probably, will continue for the rest of your life. Changing and migrating the content have always been a painful process. In this blog, we will discuss about quick tips to Decide A Good Domain Name

Therefore, it is important to get a domain name right before the launch of your website, brand or a product/services offering.

The fundamental question is, how to decide a good domain name?

Here’s how you can pick one:


Enough of noise being made in online marketplace today, one needs to be short, catchy and easily memorable. For instance, American Airlines is aa.com alone 🙂

Avoid Violation

Avoid choosing similar or too similar domain names with a direct competition. Please do not violate someone else’s trademark.

Adopting.COM is the global way

One must try choosing a domain name with .COM extension only, until and unless you want to go local with a country or location-specific audience.

Brand Way or Search Way

Search Way – This approach is good if you are starting a new business, product, services or a blog, or doesn’t want to spend a huge sum of money to establish your brand, Using tools like SEM Rush or Google Keyword Planner – You can check search traffic corresponding to your choice of keywords.  Try using the mix of easily memorable keywords or phrases. For instance, shoutoutloud, cashout, bringtothetable can be used as clever mixes.

Brand Way – This is the unique way of naming your domain, this stands distinct and requires sincere brand building efforts and money until you become a known brand in the market. Usually recommended for long-term business, brands, and startups which are confident to sustain in long run. You will need to invest a lot in paid listings, PPC, 360 marketing campaigns for doing this.  Example: flickr is a branded domain name.

Creativity at Core

It’s also about how cleverly you use synonyms or combination of keywords, for example, If your website is for videos, you may want to HD as a suffix, similarly, if your brand is a cloth brand, you may want to add XL as suffix too 🙂

Say No to numbers

Even if your domain name contains words such as ‘to’ or ‘for’ avoid using  ‘2’ or ‘4’ to keep them short. Such domain names are, usually, difficult to remember and may cost you web traffic.

Free domain suggestion tools

If any of above ideas does not seem working, try using – free tools for random ideas, if it’s difficult to think, it certainly is, easy to see options and decide the best one for u!

Sharing the few of the lot you can use:








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Last Edited: 23 Dec 2018

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