Blackberry Passport review 2018-Updates and Apps

Blackberry Passport Updates

You must know that it is Blackberry team who advised Apple on i OS 11 before they even launched it. So, the great features like no button and sliding up for closing an app on I Phone X is something that was originally developed by Blackberry ever since Blackberry Passport was launched in 2014. This blog is my second in the series post review which I did last year.

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I also assume that there was a deliberate attempt to shut down all great work Blackberry has been doing in mobile devices (of course, they had plans to rebrand as a software company, which is now evident from the rebranding exercise they did and all the great work they are doing in Automotive, technology for embedded cars) No one would otherwise, lose such a loyal following base like Blackberry OS users have over the last decade.

For those looking to buy a new Blackberry Passport in 2018, Please note that Blackberry OS and Blackberry world will have their last day on 31st Of December, 2019

There is a small ray of hope as they mentioned the word “beyond 2019” to support to BB10 and legacy services though!

To add more, last year, WhatsApp stopped supporting BB 10 OS, Google stopped supporting BB 10 OS, a lot of paid apps were taken out of the Blackberry ecosystem, and blackberry was also ready to support i OS 11 on day zero of launch, in fact, Blackberry hosted an event for “How iOS 11 Will Impact Your Mobility Strategy” which were otherwise business rivals in the mobile device industry until 2017.

Blackberry has clearly missed its opportunity to leverage the large fan user base on BB 10 OS, who were forced to move to Android which is very different from BB 10 OS.

Apps that work on Blackberry Passport

Many argue that Blackberry Passport is too outdated to be used in 2018. Surprisingly, there are still buyers for the new Blackberry on Amazon across the globe. I bought one personally at India, and another one recently in Canada. I have been using this device for some time now and it just works fine with some tweaks and tricks. I will talk about apps that are a daily need and whether or not they work on Blackberry Passport in 2018.

Word of Caution before you Install an app

Thumb rule number 1, If you have an app on Blackberry world that works for you (bare minimum) – use this over any 3rd party patched or Android app, the reason being that the latter one will actually slow down the system and drain more battery.

Thus, the more 3rd party apps or patched apps you have from Android, the higher the chances that you will slow down your Blackberry.

I have covered detailed instructions about patching of apps and installation of apps from Google Play store in my detailed blog here.

Google Maps

This is currently a must-have app nowadays, just download the stock make from Google play store, it’s the best app you can get. There are multiple versions of Blackberry world though, which are a bit outdated and not as user-friendly as the stock one from Google. The battery is not an issue with this app.

Download from Google Play Store

Offline maps: Maps.Me from stock works best.

Download from Blackberry World

BBM & Video Calling

The video calling on BBM just doesn’t work on Blackberry Passport, it works fine, however, if both the caller and recipient are using the Android version of the same BBM, which is otherwise, a WhatsApp dominated market.
By the way, BBM had video calling and all features about 2 to 3 years back itself including deleting a message (it was called retracting a message) to everyone, which, now, we find in WhatsApp.

Download from Blackberry World

Uber on BBM

I tried almost all versions of Uber available on BB World, 3rd party websites and Crackberry. None of them work. The news last year about Uber being available right within the BBM apps also works at few regions, surprisingly, only on BBMs on google play store and not the one you can download from Blackberry world.

For example, this is Android version of Canada showing Uber (no option at all in BB OS version of BBM in Canada)

blackberry messenger

Same is the case with Video calling within BBM as mentioned above in this blog.

The best option you have is to use the web version to book your cab, it’s a bit slower than the app, but last man’s resort.


The stock version of the Hub works best, you can also download other mail apps as below.

Download Outlook from Google Play Store

Download Mail for Gmail from BB world 


Download stock version from Google play store and patch it by using any WhatsApp patcher on Blackberry World, you will, however, need an SD card to be available in Blackberry Passport for enabling so.

Download from Google Play Store

Detailed Video on WHATSAPP ON BLACKBERRY IN 2018

Amazon App Store & Shopping

Stock version inbuilt in Blackberry works best, an easy upgrade is possible when you open the apps for the first time.


The stock version from BB world is light but bit outdated. If you prefer, the Android version also works fine from play store.

Download Dropbox from Blackberry World

Download Dropbox from Google Play Store


Stock version works best, very simple and effective to use.


Call Recording

Blackberry doesn’t have this inbuilt unlike a lot of Android Phones these days. Parrot – Voice Recorder from stock works best.


Social Media


Face 10 by Nemory studios works best. There are other patched or old Facebook app versions which have some or other issue. Face 10 has certain limitations, but it just works fine.



Android version from Play store is better. It opens a bit slower in Blackberry Passport but works fine after that. Please ignore the update now message which appears every time you start this app.



Android version from Play store works best. The others on Blackberry world are too outdated to be used.



Inst10 for Instagram by Nemory Studios works fine. The stock also can be installed but I found some difficulty while opening the app.



The stock app name SuperTube or Player for Youtube, both are good enough.

Download SuperTube

Download Player for YouTube


Earlier last month, BlackBerry CEO John Chen said that, “I think there might be a need in this world for a phone that is very simple and just focused on secure email, secure texts and a basic browser”. He was pointing towards Blackberry Bold (9900). That’s where Blackberry Passport succeeds, it is simple yet most secure smartphone out there. Open any website, and you will see the notifications, right inside the browser that “this website is trying to access your location” you will be surprised to know that almost every other website wants to know your location. This is one of the reasons behind growing threats to data privacy and rise of GDPR this month onwards. I am sure you must have, by now, heard of Cambridge Analytical Scandal. Facebook was questioned, Twitter is found doing so, Google (except the fines they paid in EU) is yet to be caught at this scale. If you need a simple smartphone with productivity, minus some applications with increased privacy and control on where your information is being shared, you must use Blackberry Passport until end of 2019.

Having said all of that, there can never be an end to the need and choice of apps, which apps do you use? Let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.




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