Blackberry Passport Review in 2017

Apr 23 2017




Last Updated: May 17, 2021

Author Neeraj

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Leaders don’t do different things; they do things differently! That’s exactly what happened when Blackberry Passport was launched in October 2014. It provided a bold move in every possible aspect of design, concept, production, and marketing. Honestly, I had the previous year’s flagship by Lenovo (Vibe X3) and had been eager to buy Blackberry Passport ever since Silver edition was launched. I always felt that the price was on the higher side, so I avoided it until I found a major price drop this year and thus purchased a BB Passport. Upon the writing of this blog, I had been using it for over a month and I wanted to share my experience and review of the Blackberry Passport Silver Edition

Why Blackberry Passport in the first Place

I never understood the iPhone; I always respected the design (I know all the hardware guys copy something or other from iPh-one), but most of the time I have seen people buying this be-cause of its features and premium feel. I don’t know if it’s inten-tionally priced higher than other phones, too. Over the last few years, Apple has made the entire mobile world “vertical.” An-droid also followed similar steps and ensured that all screens were made vertical and flat. Every leading brand today is in the same race as they try to be more vertical and heavier on specs. Thanks to our friends in China, people who use ordinary 1 GB RAM for actual utilization are now running behind 4 GBs, 5 GBs, and more.

Blackberry Passport had the courage to do something totally dif-ferent. They brought back the square screens to see the world differently (referring to my quote at the start of this blog). The launch of the Passport Silver edition in August 2015, backed by the power of their flagship trackpads into the whole new physi-cal qwerty keyboard, which was combined with the best possi-ble R&D to bring out best of Blackberry in Passport, made it even bigger.

What Blackberry Passport Can Do For You

It can do everything that an iOS or Android OS can do as well. The latest OS build on Blackberry Passport is BB 10.3 OS and specifically. Of course, it comes with the latest hardware specs. Read more

You see the world differently

For a wider world, try using a standard vertical smartphone and then this device for a week. You will feel the difference.

blackberry layout

Wider Maps

You need to scroll less (right and left).

blackberry maps


Wider Emails

No more endless scrolling.

wider emails on blackberry

Wider Spreadsheets

To all you businesspeople out there, it’s almost like carrying a laptop in your pocket, as you can edit your documents on the go.

blackberry spreadsheets

Longer Battery Life

blackberry battery

Touch-enabled Physical Keyboard

The keyboard is the touch screen itself, so it is only here that you scroll up or down without touching the screen. Delete text by swiping left on your keyboard, which will delete multiple words or sentences in one go—something iPhones can’t do.

blackberry keyboard


The front is merely 2 MP but gets the job done. The back cam-era is not that great in low light, but in the light this 13 MP cam-era performs better than 21 MP of Lenovo. Also, don’t forget, it takes square images, meaning for your DPs on WhatsApp (round ones), profiles on Twitter, and Facebook profile pics (square boxed ones), it will do the greatest job without any cropping

blackberry camera sample image

Source: Find out more about Blackberry features

Apps that run on Blackberry Passport in 2017

In this section, I would like to share how to make all the im-portant apps work on your BB Passport in 2017.

Cobalt is the well-known guy who has made most of the cracks possible; Blackberry OS supports installing Android apps and apps from Google Play Store. It is fundamental to have Black-berry World, Amazon App Store, and Google Play Store in-stalled on your device. The first two are pre-installed by default. While the third one needs a crack, please find the detailed guide about installing Google Play Store by Cobalt here.
Once you are all set with Google Play Store, a lot of apps will require Google Play Services. Find out more about steps to in-stall Google Play Services here and Cobalt’s official file share here.

Once you have Google Play Services enabled, you should find the “Google Plus Whitelist” on your smartphone. Each time you try installing a new app from Google Play Store, click on the whitelist and add in Google Plus whitelist. This will allow the app to run smoothly on your BB device. If this doesn’t work, you will need to remove the Google Play Services requirement itself us-ing the awesome patcher provider by Cobalt. This is the last file in the screenshot below:

cobalt blackberry


Step 1: Download the desired app from Google Play Store. This is required on your laptop or desktop, so search for your app, copy the URL, then go to evozi. Paste the URL in the address box, click “click to download….. now.” That’s all you have to do to get your APK file directly from Google Play Store.


Step 2: Go to the Patcher app on your system, downloaded from Cobalt file share link shared above. Locate the app APK you downloaded in step 1 above and “Analyze APK” followed by “Patch”. Basically, it removes any need for Google play services in the backend. You can find your new APK files in PS_Patcher folder>Output

Alternatively, here are some relevant videos in case you face any further difficulties:

Coming back to the important apps that run smoothly on BB10 or Blackberry Passport “Silver Edition”

1) WhatsApp on BB 10 Devices

Avoid downloading the Blackberry world’s version, as you will receive annoying messages stating that “Support ends in June 2017.” WhatsApp believes they will move on to its latest devic-es, which I disagree with. All you need to do is download APK file for WhatsApp from Google Play Store as given in the steps above. Install WAA Fixer as per the steps in this video here by Ole.

2) Twitter & LinkedIn

Just download directly from Play Store. It works smoothly for me, but if problems persist, please patch using the PS_Patcher by Cobalt and you will be all set.

3) Facebook

Any Facebook lite version from Play Store will work. The latest Android version won’t work at all. I already tried patching and all alternative methods. F10 available on Blackberry world is not that great, as you can’t “check in” and there are multiple such limitations with this app by Nemory. I would recommend using this APK file and avoid any update notifications.

4) Google Maps

This should work fine once you perform “Google Plus Whitelist,” as mentioned above. The good news is that Blackberry World has the readymade substitute of Google Maps (map by Mathieu). Download here.

5) YouTube

Patching works sometimes but not always. “Video for YouTube” by Freeman Apps on Amazon App Store worked best for me. Download here

6) Google Drive

Works smoothly with patching.

7) Gmail

I just haven’t been able to do it. I am using “Blue mail” from Play Store, which gets the job done. Paytm on Blackberry Device – For users in India, download from Play Store and patch with Cobalt’s version given above; it works like a charm.

8) Notes

Color notes from Play Store work best for me while moving from Android to BB. Simply log in using Gmail ID and password, and it will back up everything.

The Battery drain Issues with Blackberry Passport

This is going to be the major issue when you update your device to 10.3 OS for the first time. In fact, the first few days were frus-trating, as the battery hardly lasted for 3 to 4 hours on full charge. Charging itself took 4 to 5 hours to reach 100%. Basi-cally, once you update blackberry OS, all the files and folders start aligning in your root drive. This initially happened for about 4 to 5 days for me. It’s all working fine now. A lot of people do complain about this, but these problems just vanish with some time, so sit back and relax. Your decision to buy this device is not wrong.

The Verdict

It’s a wonderful out-of-the-box phone, probably too futuristic and secure for this time period. Blackberry has made a bold move doing this, as everyone is busy running behind megapixels and battery sizes and whatnot. I also know they were trying to come up with a complete Android version of Blackberry Passport, which was eventually dropped last year. People who have this device are happy, including me. If you need productivity, like a laptop device in your pocket, that is low on SAR value, radia-tion-safe, and has a different, wider experience (minus some compromises on ease of app installation and painful turna-rounds), Blackberry Passport is for you!

For those of you who still hate Blackberry Passport, here is an interesting video I loved:

And the above video is incomplete without the following:

What do you think? let me know in comments section below.

Note: Sad but true, Blackberry smartphones are dead.


    1. Thanks Viswarup, Its disheartening to see that blackberry is ending BB10 OS and blackberry world by end of 2019. Its end of the most secured OS. Though they moved to Android but Blackberry users loved it the most. Cant compare with Android.

  1. I have the Key1, I want the key2, but the $650 is just too much in a lump sum. Thinking about going back to the passport, which I loved. I had the hardest issue with apps, the straw that broke the camel’s back was my Bank of America app stopped working.
    If I could get:
    Bank of America
    Xfinity Home Security
    Xfinity xFi
    Cash App
    Geico Car Insurance
    Korean Air
    United Airlines
    Delta Air
    Microsoft Office
    Time Buddy
    ScanWrit Pro
    Is there anyway to verify these can be installed using the Cobalt Patches? I also assume its no way to android running on a Passport?

    1. Yes Kwabena,
      I can understand, you could wait for a while for price of key2 to drop down. As others have moved out of the blackberry ecosystem, banks as well are closing their apps and support.
      Android would never come to Passport as such.
      Patching does work and doesn’t sometimes, best is to try the guide i shared, mostly it should work. if it doesn’t, try using old APKs from apkmirror or similar website. Also, a number of alternative apps are also available in BB store against the options you shared.

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