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Hi, I’m Neeraj Upadhyay.

A millennial and a new immigrant in Ontario. StepToInbound is my side hustle where I help companies grow their business and profitability through marketing. I talk a lot about Inbound and digital marketing tips on Twitter (Please join me)

Why Neeraj and StepToInbound?


10+ Years on hands on experience in sales and marketing working with global companies across India, US and Canada.

Certified in Adwords, Analytics, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and so on.

I share absolutely free content, in-depth guides and actionable advise on my blog and StepToInbound is not a primary source of income.

Who is Neeraj?


I’m a writer, part-time entrepreneur and a marketing professional.

I started my career in Indian IT Services and my first job (March of 2010) was to sell IT hardware (Desktops, Servers and Storage) in Southern India, while I was good at it, I quickly realized that I was inclined towards marketing as a profession. From there-on, I worked in multiple software companies to gain relevant experience and it has been 10 years ever since then.

My experience has been within the B2B marketing world with specializations in Inbound and Digital Marketing.
Some of my certifications that made me more employable 🙂

What’s New?

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I publish blogs to grow your business.

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